Monday, 26 July 2010

Here are 4 reasons why Orlando is a lucky guy!

1) Her phace looks as it does above without the aid of an air brush
2) A see thru dress and stripey panties just scream class!
3) She has truly mastered the shot that says "look at my rings" though I must say Orlando needs further work on his
4) The rest of the world has seen her naked too. He must be so proud!

Funnily enough it seems Ted C is also fat, jellus and wanting Orlando all for himself...

The latest in a long line of wicked speculation over the driving forces behind our newly weds is as follows:

"Dear Ted:
Thank you for always calling out the games that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom (Kerbloom) are trying to play on the public with this farce they have going on. What do you think of the announcement that they got married? No better way to try and prove you wrong than to claim to be married.

Dear Skeptical About Kerr:
Let me ask you a question: is there any other reason why we're reading about these two in the news? There's your answer."

Nuff said Ted!


  1. And finally People is showing some interest too:,,20405244,00.html

  2. But did you get a look at her ring?