Friday, 16 July 2010

The Definition of a business deal?

As its all gone a bit quite again I've had the opportunity to think a bit recently about the definition of a Business Deal, you'd think it was something that you put into Wiki and out it pops, but I couldn't find anything that captured the meaning with the words together...

But I think the meaning can be illustrated by looking at the words separately

Business: In the context of business deal this means that its contractual; its main aim is to further the position of both involved; something for mutual benefit; something that creates financial or reputational gain

Deal: implies agreement; contractual arrangement; a concordance of ideas on how to proceed..

So basically we have a contractual arrangement for mutual benefit of financial or reputational gain.

That sounds like our fav couple to me! Though I am surprised Ted hasn't been made to counter it yet, like he had to last time!

(Disclaimer: Obviously I'm a just a jellus cow that can't identify true love when i see it.)


  1. Songs perfect, money and image that's our favorite couple.

    BTW...I co-sign your disclaimer

  2. thanks for the co-sign Ducati - glad to see there is a good contingent of jellus cowz!