Friday, 9 July 2010

Lets cover the checklist shall we?

I think i'll start this one by listing all the different observations that have been rife across the net since Orlando made the MK the happiest Panty Mantis on the planet...

1) that Orlando was singularly unkeen to spend time with his bride to be
2) that he always looked like he was about to commit suicide
3) That he seriously needed a wash
4) that she didn't spend any time in England with him
5) that she hasn't done a "meet the parents" shot yet with OB's mum and Dad

Don't both OB and the Panty Mantis seem to be singularly unlucky keeping low profile. I can guarantee you that Paparazzi don't, as a norm, hang out round the arrival gates of Heathrow, so which ever pap by chance managed to catch our happy couple coming of the plane together and doing the loved up vibe, was one seriously lucky bugger! Its funny JJ seems to keep on with his lucky streak in this department doesn't he, I knew OB would need friends like Jared around now!

Back on topic: What is even more of a happy coincidence is that handily the pictures seem to, in one swoop, address certain areas of concern for our loved up couple that have been raised in various places to date and of course by us in our fat n jellus depression since the announcement!

Now THAT is what I call lucky!


  1. So very lucky. I'm surprised she's not flashing that ring a bit more.

  2. To be fair to her, she gave it a good effort in "the hug" photo - which interestingly also is the best shot for proving Orlando does wash....

    I love it when they do this kind of thing, I really find it funny!!

    I'm still trying to work out what the purpose was of the pap shots in Germany of a couple of days ago....that message didn't really come through clearly, unlike this one :D

  3. In regards to #3, did you read the daily mail article about this set up, they are hating on his curls.

    Can't wait for them to fix #5.

  4. I have read that article GH - I'm not sure the Boss people have thought through Orlando's perceived image when they linked him with Mens fragrance....

  5. sorry, I meant Ducati in that last comment - typing too fast...

  6. He has beautiful, dark, thick 'naturally curly' hair. What on earth is not to like about that? BTW almost everyone commenting on the article you mention LOVED his hair and thought the authors were a little daft for thinking otherwise. Thick, curly hair like his is always going to look a bit 'unruly;' it's kind of the nature of the beast. Personally, I find it very sexy. Definitely one of his better assets imho.

  7. Don't worry Anomers, I'm not hatin on the hair - what i was finding funny in that article related to his relationship with his shower....

    though you have to say that in the latest set ups- the Panty Mantis is the one that looks greasy....

  8. She usually does.

  9. We are the puppet masters...

    Which makes them the puppets, dancing to our every pull on the puppet strings :)

    Thick, curly hair like his....Definitely one of his better assets imho

    His only asset these days if you ask me. Anything else he had he's flushed down the dunny.

  10. The homeless unwashed look doesn't work for him - the way it does for J. Depp for instance. I mean there's a man who manages to make 'Boho' look chic and super-cool. It's his trademark. When Orlando tries it, he just looks - well, dirty. Slovenly does NOT become him.

  11. "flushed down the dunny"

    I love that!!!!