Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hiatus Over!

I'm back from a week of Agatha Christie and it doesn't look like I missed much (unless you count the entire panty mantis clan launching themselves on twitter in the interests of selling some of the Panty Mantis' overpriced facial care )

As far as I can see here is a summary of the salient points...

1) The Panty Mantis is/isnt about to spawn (this one has turned into the new ground hog day of rumours now they can't use the engagement anymore)

2) The honey moon / post wedding / David Jones debarcle has been so incredibly badly handled PR wise its a global joke (seriously guys, you go on honeymoon for four days; you come back to that the Mantis can stick her ass out for the camera even though DJ's has announced that they have released her from her duties to go on her honeymoon (of course that one isn't helped by the fact that DJ's replaced our mantis within about 20 seconds ); you then go on a second honeymoon ???? - oh dear oh dear, the mantra 'less is more' springs to mind!)

3) More shots of Orlando with the love of his life - his Motorbike (though if I was OB I wouldn't of been snapped chatting away to them - it kinda makes it obvious that its a set up)

4) The Panty Mantis is rumoured to be starting her own blog - words can't express how excited I am about this one!

The only piece of vaguely interesting news relates to The Three Musketeers. Apparently Orlando is very excited according to this:

"“I’m a big fan of him,” Anderson gushes, “I always thought he should be in this movie and I never thought we’d get him, because I always thought he’d say, ‘No, it’s too much like Pirates. I don’t want to do another movie like that.’

Umm Anderson, nothing he's done since pirates has made it into the cold light of day, I'm not surprised he leaped at this one!

Because Orlando, I always felt he had been straitjacketed into playing the good guy. He’s like a lass and you can’t get any better than that, he’s so noble and so…and then, in Pirates, he’s the noble guy.”

He's like a lass???????

“And I think that’s why he stopped doing studio movies because he felt he was being tapped as the good guy and he had these depths that he wanted to show,” he adds, “The Duke of Buckingham is a nasty piece of work. And I can’t tell you how excited Orlando is to play kind of like a nasty guy. I mean, he’s just such a nice man and he’s so excited about the movie. If I had to tell him that to go to Germany and start help building the sets right now, I think he’d leave Miranda Kerr and go, ‘I have to go and help build some sets.”"

Anderson obviously hasn't noticed that Orlando will leave the Panty Mantis at the drop of the hat if he thinks he has even the whisper of an excuse to get away!


  1. He's like a lass???????

    Well, he's certainly more like a lass then ever since he had his testicles cut off.

    Since English doesn't seem to be this Anderson blokes first language, I thought maybe he'd meant to say something other than lass. So I replaced the L in lass with other letters of the alphabet to see what else he might have meant to say.

    Of course Ass fit very nicely.

    But my personal favourite is Bass. Because Whorelando always reminded me a big, stupid, smelly fish :P

    Good to have you back, btw!

  2. Hope you had a good vacation and Glad You're Back!
    (my theory is Anderson said "He's Legolas and you can't get any better than that...")

  3. "He's like a lass"


  4. Welcome back, hope you had fun and Happy early or belated birthday.
    You do have a gift of picking hot pics of orly.

  5. @all - thanks its good to be back too !!

    @Sighs - i reckon you are probably right but thats a freudian slip if ever i saw one!!

    @ducati - my b-day is next week but thanks! I'm hoping our fav fameho's would have completed their supersekrit hunneymoon by then and give me a set of pap shots as a present!