Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Bumpy ride!

Wow! What a week (and its only Tuesday) of Blind Items, hints from Ted and baby bumps so far. My head is all in a spin with quite how much anti "twu Luuurve" commentary there has been over these two. Poor old Orlando and his pet Mantis! The very thing he's done to convince the world that he's a straight, uber successful actor at the top of his game with a VS Panty Mantis up the duff and in tow has given rise to the biggest rush of items calling it out as a bearding set up that I've seen in a long while...

Damn, its gotta really piss you off when that happens..

Its quite clear from our favourite Ted C though that he's got rather a soft spot for Orlando (which is nice) and thinks his wife is a fame hungry user (which is funny). I think Ted deserves a Phree Orlando t-shirt too!

of course we shouldnt forget baby bloom (especially now his Mantis has decided she is the guru of pregancy) I'm sure OB and Viggo are is very excited, after all, he usually is about most things if his press conferences are anything to go by...


  1. Bloody hell! The only thing I can think about when I see that photo is the chapter in my Whorely phiction when Jaded and he take the Land Rover for a test drive - bumpy ride indeed!!

    Poor Mantis. No matter how hard she tries to prove the luuurve, someone always wrecks it for her.

    I think we should send Ted a Phree Orlando t-shirt and a thank you card expressing our sincere thanks for his support over the last few months. I think he'd get a kick out of it :)

  2. All I can say is, please keep it up with the old, hot Whorely pics. (That's what Viggo said.)Thank you.