Saturday, 28 August 2010

A model in the family!

Don't worry, you can relax! it isn't a pregnant panty mantis modelling the new range from mothercare...

its ORLANDO - doing what a good looking guy should be doing and modelling lots!

He's the new brand ambassador for Uniqlo, along with Charlize Theron. Apparently this is a global campaign, so you should all get a kitted out OB dropping into a shopping centre / mall near you very soon....pictorially speaking of course! I doubt he's the type for Mall tours like someone else I could mention...

Great as the news is, I have to say i'm not to keen on the above photo - Charlize looks far too airbushed and OB looks rather grumpy. Mind you i guess if I had sunburn on my cheeks and was forced to sit around in a bright blue boiler cover having my photo taken, i'd be feeing a bit grumpy too (sorry, I guess I just prefer OB modelling suits!)

It is great to see Orlando modelling though, Just as long as we don't get subjected to the Panty Mantis playing the role of "Mother Earth" in a new movie about motherhood..

Panty Mantis: Just because he can do both, that doesn't mean YOU can...

Latest on the 3M is that shooting is happening in Germany but OB isnt - his scenes can't have been scheduled yet....


  1. Sorry, I read the company name as UNIGLO and I looked at Orlando and thought, is Uniglo a fake tan product is it, because he's got a really unfortunate orange tinge about him.

    I like the hair and the blue steel pose, but he still looks really dead in the eyes. I suppose that's what happens when you cave in and phake marry your phake girlfriend because she may or may not be knocked up.

    Oh well, I guess one of them has to keep up with the modelling to earn some money and I guess it has to be Orly since the mantis is too phat, quadrupled chinned and phugly to model right now. (Hell, who am I kidding, she's normally too quadrupled chinned and phugly to model!)

  2. Orlando doesn't start filming 3M until September 24th/25th. What I am wondering is where is he? There were sightings of him in Bamberg with the cast but it seems not anymore. Other sightings of him in Malibu.

  3. ROFL Joders.... UNIGLO ..... my morning coffee has just met my keyboard!