Saturday, 14 August 2010

Your Orlando Needs YOU!

Calling all fat, jellus haterz of the world that just want Orlando for themselves:

We have a new mission and its branded (courtesy of the fabulous Wanda)

Get yours right here PHREEORLANDO

Get your t-shirts, spaghetti tops, mugs, mousemats and show your support for the once celebrated actor thats been taken over by a panty mantis

All acts of support welcome, He's going to need all the help he can get to break out of there!.

Doing a run? Proudly run in a Phreeorlando t-shirt!

Engaging in an all you can eat competition? wear Phreeorlando!

Doing a sponsored Lord-of-the-rings-athon? Do it in a Phreeorlando vest.

PHREE ORLANDO! Because someone's got to! (copyright 2010)


  1. Wait! I didn't set up any mugs or mousepads yet! I'll be back.

  2. Hey, that's weird. When you click on your link the price shows up in British pounds. Neato.

    Anyway...I added mousepads, mugs, bumperstickers and aprons (for that all you can eat competition!). Get 'em while they're hot, slags!

  3. Hey, I noticed you can buy thongs from this site too. And when I say thongs, I don't mean the footwear variety (ie flip flops). Given that Whorelando's captor makes a living out of wearing (or not wearing as the case may be) thongs, perhaps we all need a pair to go with our t-shirt?

  4. Cool! Only problem is I don't know the exchange rate for US dollars to British Pounds....Oh, never mind you just click the currency button to switch it over to US dollars!