Saturday, 21 August 2010

Blind Vice

Can i just share my increasingly high opinion of Ted C with you - you've gotta hand it to him, on the day that the Panty Mantis and OB announce that they are with little mantis he posts a Blind Vice item

You can read it here

Most people are guessing its our favourite pair - I just love his timing ....

In other news, while Orlando is busy filming with Milla in Germany (in fact they are doing press conferences at the moment but I'm not one to quibble, he's looking cute and Milla looks fab), The Panty Mantis is chained to her keyboard spouting facebook drivel as usual. Honestly, I understand she is very happy to be with child and more importantly to have gotten Orlando to not deny its his, but still. And it seems that our new "Mother Earth' will be devising a baby kora range very soon too - how nice, overpriced skincare for the under fives..... Im just waiting for the Noni juice range of baby food (BTW Mantis, if you do that, I want my cut!)

Oh and one final thing, my partner came up with another name for your spawn (assuming its male of course)

Jared Itsyours Bloom

I thought that one had great ring to it!


  1. Jared Itsyours Bloom

    I like it. I really, really like it.

    Dear God, can you imagine the shit that will hit the fan if it turns out to be true?

    As for the blind item, it looks like Mystic might have been closer to the truth all this time! Well done, Mystic!

    I just love the way Milla is looking at Orlando in the picture up there. The only time I ever saw the mantis with that loving expression on her face, she was looking at a paparazzi's camera.

  2. It's totally Orlando. It's not even a BI really. He's always been a bit, fussy.

    Once you're gay/bi, you're ALWAYS gonna be gay/bi. Some habits are very, very hard to break. :p

  3. Additionally, here is a link to the TC history of Fussy, introduced in Oct 2004.

    Ted gave away too much with the hotel name moniker sealing the solving of the BI almost instantly. Tsk tsk tsk.

    Funny enough, I'll be visiting the same place in a few weeks. :)

  4. As for the blind item, it looks like Mystic might have been closer to the truth all this time! Well done, Mystic!

    Damn right I am LOL.

    Though I was sure that Orlando was Pete Poked from Sept. 2006.

  5. Jared itsyours Bloom has a nice ring to it. lol
    Looking forward to the baby pics.....

  6. Thanks for the history Simone!

  7. I'm starting to believe less and less that Orlando is Harland. Back in late 2009 Ted said that Viggo doesn't have a BV moniker. At the time I thought he retired Harland Fuss and Grimy Gus, where were guessed as Orlando and Viggo. Now that he brought back Fuss it makes me wonder who it can be.