Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Do you know, I was almost wondering why I bothered to come back from my hols: Its p*ssing with rain here in London, I've got loads of work to do and most importantly (of course) our super sekrit couple have gone undercover to enjoy their second hunnymoon so there is no new material to distract me from the piles of paperwork sitting next to me...... or so I thought!!

Tell me this, if you were a super sekrit pap hounded "celebrity" couple on your second stab at your hunneymoon (the first one having been disastrously cut short because no one gave a shit one of you couldn't shift a work engagement) would you be sitting around on facebook, sharing pearls of wisdom and remembering boyfriends past?


Me neither........ I won't tell you what I would be doing, particularly with Whorely (after I'd given him a good clean of course), but it certainly wouldn't be sitting around on my Mac posting on facebook - I think thats an activity best saved for procrastinating about something unpleasant..... such as work.....

Now, If Orlando was spending his time posting on facebook - THAT I'd understand, poor lad - he must of felt quietly smug having dealt with the first round of his hunneymoon in the space of four days, only to find that he had to go for a second round to save the panty mantis' profile..... bless!

Orlando - just think of Viggo.......


  1. Maybe OB doesn't know what to do with his "wife" without a script and the paps around. Much ado about nothing?

  2. You are probably right anomers....... maybe he can get a manual for that?

  3. a couple match in heaven: Peter Pan and Alice in the Wonderland. rsrsrsrs

  4. "Praying Mantis for Dummies"

    I'm very happy that Viggo has moved on.