Friday, 20 August 2010

The Art of Naming

Sorry about the delay in posting this one, I had an urgent message from our Mantis, asking for my advice on naming her new spawn.... obviously I had to get right on it - someone that famous and important can't be ignored!

Before we get to that though I'll start by offering my sincerest congratulations to Orlando and Viggo the Panty Mantis, I'm sure they are all very happy with the news..

Ok, enough of that - on to names (I hope you like them Panty Mantis :))

How about Kings Bloom (as in Kings of Leon - its a band he loves and you spent time with round the "conception")

or you could go with Brandon would be a good name too - you've gotta admit Brandon Bloom has a certain ring to it -

There is, of course, always Viggo - I think Viggo Bloom would be a great name for a boy mantis (and Orlando would be sure to love this one!)

I have to say though, it became a lot more difficult when I started thinking of girl baby names....

Obviously Miranda is a bad idea as a name, with you as the obvious exception of course, to me it kind of says famewhore without actually saying it...

I thought of Sienna or Penelope - but the former says "slapper" and the latter says "lucky escape" and I wouldn't wish that on the poor kid...

On balance I think for Kate Bloom is a nice summary: it says classy, stylish, has a career of her own (albeit as more of a style maven), dated movie stars while they were still hot property (ie has timing)

So, what do you think Mantis (oh and welcome to our club by the way - i know you are unable to be jellus , having Orlando all to yourself already, but you can qualify on the fat side)

Let me know, I'm happy to keep coming up with more.....

One thing is for sure - at least we all know now why it was so much of a shot gunnedah wedding.... I look forward to seeing the bump!


  1. Great post.......I agree that the kid should be named after his or her dad,Viggo. If it is a boy,Victor Bloom, a girl Victoria Bloom.

  2. @Ducati- Don't you mean his/her other dad, Viggo? I like the names you pick.

  3. Ducati - I'm not sure I'd want to hear my own name attached to their kid.

  4. I can't make up my mind, they all have possibilities. Good job all.