Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pearls of Wisdom

I don't know about anyone else but i rarely find the time to update my facebook status, or my twitter (unless its on my BBerry) let alone sit around having a chat with a load of people....

and yet Mrs D (aka the Panty Mantis) seems to have the time to do just that.... everyday..... usually many times a day.......sharing words of wisdom, proffering advice to the dermatologically challenged, sharing stolen quotes of wisdom with us mere mortals

Yesterday we were taught about how to live your life, today its the benefits of yoga.. I wonder what tomorrow will bring??

No sign of Orlando though - am I the only one that lives in the quiet hope that he's on a honeymoon and enjoying some private time - just with someone completely different!


  1. Hopefully he's with Naomie Harris!

  2. Le suilon!

    Dear Lucinda!

    It's me - Emu! Brother of Legolas! I'm still an Elv - so I'm wondering what happend to Lego - as we used to call him?! He looks so human! My English is quite hum...bad? So I hope you can help me! Have you seen him? I guess I have to talk to him...Gosh, what happend...




  3. welcome Emu!
    not sure what has happened to leggy either, but I suspect those blonde big eared days are long gone...

    Rumour has it that he's had to book himself into a retreat in a bid to recover from the mental scars inflicted on him by his pet Mantis, but I'm not sure where...

    Maybe you could use some form of elven communication to get through to him?

  4. Thanks Lucinda!

    Lego owns a pet? Strange...
    A few weeks ago I felt I smelt him in Berlin but he had a brown wig on and looked really ugly.

    Well I'll keep searching!



  5. Great pic. He really was a gorgeous looking guy.

  6. @Emu - good luck with the search!

    @Peggy - why does "was" come into so many sentences with Orlando in it nowadays....