Thursday, 26 August 2010

Treashur Ureself: Update

Yesterday I thought things couldn't get any more exciting - but apparently they can!

Remember that "Rich, Cloth Covered Heirloom that will be passed down for generations" we were talking about yesterday?

Well from the 1st September you can pre-order your copy through the Panty Mantis' sales website inspirational blog, and not only that but it will be signed by our Mantis. Apparently she has said that she will sign the first 1000 so I imagine that an unsigned copy will be rather hard to come by then....

Treashur Ureself has also given us a little teaser on the PM blog (being the most intelligent book in the world and able to write without human intervention) - check it out (original is here)

“In my eyes we are all equal. No one person is more special than another.

Ah isn't that nice we are all super specul!! (though congrats to the PM - it seems she's finally learnt how to spell the word)

The more I travel and do what I do the more I realize how incredibly unique and different we all are.

Yes we know, you are a soopermodul who has Orlando all to herself and we are fat and jellus and want Orlando all for ourselves: diversity at its finest!

We often forget that in order to love others fully we need to first love and accept ourselves. We could spend our lives wishing we were someone else and never really appreciate who we actually are or the things we have to offer this world.

Did we get a shout out??

Every person offers this world something, but sometimes it takes someone else to see the possibilities and beauty in us before we recognize it in ourselves”.

I'm starting to feel a little queasy now....

My hope is that through “Treasure Yourself” you will discover your own uniqueness and just how truly incredible you really are.

Don't worry PM, I already know how unique and truly incredible I am - I just need help with the fat/jellus/orlando for myself thing!

remember people, a prize for the person that finds an unsigned copy in 6 months - after all the likelihood of her selling more than ten has to be rather remote..


  1. remember people, a prize for the person that finds an unsigned copy in 6 months

    Easy. David Jones in Newcastle (NSW, Australia) is closing it's door permanently on 31 January 2011. I'll just wander in at 5 to 5 in the afternoon, leisurely make my way to the book section and take one out of the bargain barrell. I won't even have to push past anyone because they'll all be fighting over the real books by real authors published by real publishing houses.

    Hell, I might even pick up some discounted Whora stock while I'm there.

    But you know, I really would like a Treashur Ureself dedicated to me in the dingho's own handwriting (pawprint??).

    Deer Delphee, ewe rok, lottz uv luv, Moronduhhh xxx

  2. But for you to get hold of an un-dedicated copy, it would mean she's shifted 1000 of the suckers already - I think thats highly unlikely

    the Bargain barrell sounds like a good place to look though to me!

  3. I figured she was only signing the ones she is selling online. I thought the books at DJs would be unsigned. I reckon she's gonna have 997 signed and unsold units after the online sales rush (Mummy Kerr, Granny Kerr and May).

  4. downt fergit too shayre mee wif awl yer frendz awn phasebuk!

  5. Why is an Australian writing 'realise' and 'recognise' with a 'z'?

  6. ahh look at that Tresher Yerself has posted on TSO! we are truly honored

    advise us oh wise one.....

  7. We got a shout out, can't speak for everyone but I am touched. Anyone know the price tag on the clothed heirloom?

  8. I'm not sure she could sell a thousand even if she go Orlando to sign it too! - KayC33

  9. Opps, that was suppose to be "even if she got Orlando to sign it too". I really hate having carpal tunnel!- KayC33