Saturday, 14 August 2010

Things are not looking good.....

Orlando has turned up at a hairdressers in LA looking extremely tired bless him. While some would say thats the correct look on a newly married man as his "wife" spends the majority of her time on facebook educating us all with her words of wisdom I don't think that can be it. I guess the escaping he had to do to get there must have taken its toll on him.....

Still, at least he's found a few moments of freedom, is sporting a rather 70's hairdo and is looking nice and cosy with his hair stylist!

Moving on: one of the ladies over at the other site dug out a bit more info about The Good Doctor here

"A young doctor falls for a beautiful 18-year-old patient of his. Unfortunately the feeling is not mutual but he is now obsessed, so he contaminates her prescription keeping her just sick enough to leave her in his care. They form a close bond, but events spiral out of control until one day he takes it too far and the girl dies. Devastated and paranoid, he seemingly gets away with it, only to become caught in the blackmailing web of a spying intern with an addiction for prescription pills. Backed into a corner, the Good Doctor has no choice but to cover his tracks by any means necessary..."

Sounds like a great story line, I know i keep saying it, but I hope this one makes it into a cinema......I'd very much enjoy seeing evil Orlando on the big screen!


  1. That plotline sounds freaking AWESOME! *IF* it ever comes to the big screen, it could just the boost his career needs. A modern day bad guy. If they played their cards right and he gives a great performance, it could generate that ever-desired "Oscar Buzz".

  2. The plot does rock doesn't it anomers.... its probably a bit of shame they've revealed 90% of it in a summary - but with a bit of luck there are still some twists and turns to be had...

    Orlando Bloom and Oscar Buzz in the same sentence..... I guess hope springs eternal....

  3. Why Orlando needs a hair stylist these days? His hair is hideous. Maybe he's look so tired because he is trying to escape from the Dingo's paw! Run OB run!

  4. I think he looks like a 70's porn star in that pic.