Monday, 24 May 2010

Victoria Bl**dy Sekrits

Oh goodeee, another VS model that has decided to try and make her way into the world of acting..

The Panty Mantis must be a bit peeved though, recently the gossip sites have been in full throttle discussing which actress / knicker model will be in the running to take over from Megan Fox for the new Transformers came too about three or four, one of which was the Panty Mantis (another of which was Gemma Arterton).

Then low and behold, straight from left field, courtesy of Geek Week, came the news that Rosie Huntingdon-wawa had get the coveted spot....

One the one hand bleugh.... Models are not the same as actresses. Last time I checked you needed some training and skill to act (there is some cracking clip of our Mantis in a TV sitcom that proves that somewhere around - if anyone is able to link me up, I'd be ever so grateful, I could do with a laugh to start monday off..).

On the other hand, it could be extremely funny and what a shame our own pet mantis apparently didn't get the role.... I thought it was too good to be true..

arggggghh i HATE Victoria Bl**dy Sekrits, do they have some gadget in HQ that turns normal women into vapid airheads, prancing around in their badly made and overpriced underwear pretending to save the world???

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.. moving on -T
I also hear that the three Musketeers is mean't to start filming in August, so IF Orlando is on board - that would be mean him having a very busy summer what with Albert Nobbs in July.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - GET ONE OF THESE SUCKERS IN A MOVIE THEATRE Pleeeeease Orlando, otherwise we are going to be threatened with watching Victoria Sekrits models trying to demonstrate their "craft"...


  1. I laughed (wickedly) when I heard Rosie got the role. She wasn't even mentioned on the list of possibilities.

    I can't help you with an actual link to the mantis's star turn in the sitcom but I can tell you it was Episode 10, Series 3 of How I Met Your Mother. The episode is called "The Yips". I saw it a few years ago. She was wooden and uninspiring. Just like real life.

  2. so did I - Aleen did a great job of getting the PM into the press releases in the first place...

    thanks for the info Joders... I'd better wait until Im in a secure environment before watching that one - i can imagine that the mantis acting skill are likely to make one self harm...

  3. I'm quite surprised that they gave the role to a fairly unknown, non-actress. Go figure.

  4. me too wanda, but then on the other hand at least they didnt give it to a fairly unknown, non-actress that also speaks dingoese - every cloud has a silver lining!