Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Definition of "wrong"

Two posts in one day..... it must be busy in Orlando-land. I'm going to skim over the Panty Mantis latest attempts to look miserable, stick her ass out and try and sell cheap underwear. I'm also going to studiously ignore her most recent attempts to "break" into high fashion (and no, i doubt count the couple of shows she done has her breaking into anywhere).

Instead I thought it would be worth my lunch break just looking at another kind of break in - and more specifically how this Really Wild chick can possible think she did nothing wrong

According to E-Online Alexis Neiers is now saying she didn't do anything wrong?/ lets investigate shall we?

As usual commentary is in Bold

"I didn't do anything wrong," the Pretty Wild reality starlet insists to E! News of her role in the burglary of Orlando Bloom's home.

Funny, I'd call breaking into someone's home, loading up your suitcases and running off "doing something wrong" - its theft isnt it?

In fact, Neiers says she was so confident in her innocence that she had every intention of fighting the allegations during her trial, only to derail her name-clearing crusade at the last minute by agreeing to enter a no-contest plea.

So what happened?

Perhaps she realised that she was a bit delusional in thinking there was nothing wrong in robbery in the first place?

"I thought we were going to trial and we had a great shot at this," she said. "I had been so confident because I had thought up until this point that I didn't do anything wrong."

What has she been taught as a child... i would of thought its fairly simple. If it doesn't belong to you - taking it is wrong.. argggghhhh

As for what piece of information led to her flip-flop, Neiers isn't saying, though last week's word that Bloom planned to face off against her in court wasn't the best news she's ever received.

"I think the fact that Orlando Bloom [would testify], and the weight of a celeb testifying against Alexis, made us realize the odds were stacked against us," her lawyer, Jeffrey Rubenstein, said yesterday. "This was a last-minute decision. We were ready for trial."

So the fact that Orlando was going to turn up and also point out that she was wrong put her off did it? Orlando, there is a new career for you - if you have that effect on every defendant there isn't a prosecution team in the country that won't want you!

Whether or not it was the potential showdown with the Lord of the Rings star, Neiers does acknowledge there was "one deciding factor" that proved a game changer.

"The table turned instantly. I knew if I went to trial my chances would be slim. I feel like I've been fighting for so long, to give up would be the hardest decision."

Nope, I'm still on the fact you don't think robbing someone's house is doing anything wrong...

But give up she finally did, agreeing to a plea deal that included a six-month jail sentence, three years' probation and restitution of up to $600,000. If she had been convicted of the felony rap, she would have faced up to six years in state prison.

6 months in jail.... is that it??? still at least it looks like she'll have to pay damages...

With her trial now unnecessary, the 18-year-old no longer has plans to defend herself.

"No one knows my truth, no one knows my side of the story yet," she said. "I've made the decision not to release it. I made the decision that, yes, if I went to trial, that I would go there and go hard and share my truth.

I imagine that how much she shares on her side of the story will be directly proportional to the figure she can get on her exclusive story, still she can use that to recoup losses after having to pay OB back..

"Facing six years is a scary thing, but I knew my truth, I knew I would fight for it. Unfortunately, I didn't have that opportunity, and I had to make the best decision for myself."

Neiers said she's only ever wanted to help people.

Ahhhh now i get it, she's some kind of reality Robin Hood, robbing the rich to give to the errrr also, actually I dont get it - I imagine thats the kind of help Orlando could of done without .....

"My goal, from day one…It's hard. It's hard. I feel like at the end of the day, my only intention ever was to help. It's been my intention through all of this."

As for Neiers' future, or at least her future up to June 24, when she will begin her jail sentence, she said she will use her story to educate any would-be celeb burglars as to the error of their ways.

arggh I can't go on - someone please tell me she's having a joke with the above...

(Originally published May 11, 2010, at 12:58 p.m. PT)


  1. This is what happens when useless, good for nothing, full of hot air, talentless morons are given a voice. They sprout all sorts of shit like they're some sort of guru.

    People like this Alexis fool and Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton need to go the phuck away until they've got something useful, helpful and important to say.

    Which should mean that we'll never hear from them again.

    Maybe Alexis will doing some growing up in the Grown Up jail she's going to, but I doubt it.

  2. "This is what happens when useless, good for nothing, full of hot air, talentless morons are given a voice. They sprout all sorts of shit like they're some sort of guru."

    Very true joders, now why does this remind me of someone else who has been given a voice and sprouts all kinds of shit like they're some sort of guru..

    Goji berry anyone?

  3. Poor Orlando does seem to have a talent for attracting talentless, big-mouthed, lying famehos...
    But seriously, folks.
    Actually not surprising that they waited until the day of trial to take the deal; it's SOP - you might get a better deal because jury trials take so much time.
    It grinds my teeth that Little Lyin' Fameho was allowed to No Contest - you don't have to admit guilt and then you get to spray the shit that LLF will do. If anyone thinks this POS is going to go away and be quiet any time soon, you unfortunately have another think coming.
    Aw great. Now I'm ALL spun up about this. Gotta go do some zenning or I'll be worthless at work.

  4. Going back to my prophetic powers, I forsee a couple of exclusive articles followed by a book on the subject....