Thursday, 20 May 2010

Basil the Beetle.....

This is cute and yet another perfect example of how Orlando manages to move through life under the radar when he's with people he cares about (!!). Apparently OB's mum wrote a kiddies book called Basil the Beetle's scary Adventure.... bless!

Very cute title, very cute Beetle name. In fact both are almost as cute as the photo of Orlando peering into Basil's home...

(Original Photo source)

Maybe Orlando is identifying with Basil, after all people always seem to describe being a celebrity as "living in a bit of a goldfish bowl" (though of course that depends on whether you call in the fishermen in the first place, but I've made that point before and this is meant to be a nice post!)

Its really nice to Sam there as well! His mum must of been a bit of a glamour puss when she was younger, she always seems to dress up for things

unlike her offspring....

I've given up on Orlando (he's Capricorn, so is my sister and neither of them seem to enjoy looking smart) but Sam should embrace her inner Leo! I've got a birthday a couple of days after hers and I consistently over dress for absolutely everything - I reckon its as all part of representing the Lion's mane :D


  1. I think I might have to buy that book for my little one.

  2. Nice to see him doing things under the radar without calling wireimage.

  3. I think I like Samantha Bloom more than I like her brother.

  4. I think i do too Srenna.....she's everything her brother professes to be...