Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Good Doctor and the Three Musketeers

All I can say to the above is Nice One OB! he looks very cute here and I'm trying very hard not to pull out all my doctor and nurses jokes........ So I wonder if this means that there is a possibility of this movie seeing the light of day, I hope so... its been a while.

Also according to here he is being considered for the Duke of Buckingham in a new version of the Three Musketeers. Obviously its very early days but I'd like to see him in an evil role (in fact the Good Doctor isn't so good either), he's done far too much of being the doe eyed hero, my favourite part of all the POTC films was when he started double crossing jack and looking evil..

he must just look hotter than way !

actually i just want SOMETHING to come out, even if it is on DVD and even (and I never thought I'd say this) if he does look like some ageing rocker - its been that long that I'll take anything... actually not anything - I'd draw the line at welcoming a movie starring OB and the Panty Mantis, all though, would that be so bad it would be an unintentional comedy a la Arnie? Hmm ok - scrub that - I'll take anything with OB in it :D


  1. Woohoo! Look at that poster! Top billing! I'm pretty excited by this. Hopefully something comes of it.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing him in the 3 Musketeers movie as a villain. Though Cinema Blend magazine / blog suggested that his role as villain seemed superfluous since someone else (can't remember who) had already been cast as the major villain.

    And do you know what else I wish he'd have done (and could actually still do since it's now being made into a TV mini series)?

    A few years ago before Roman Polanski got caught he was going to direct a big screen version of Pompeii, the book written by Robert Harris. Orlando was up for the lead role of Marcus Attilius Primus and Scarlett Johannsen was up for the lead female role (funnily enough I think this was also around the time he purchased his house in the Hollywood Hills down the street from ScarJo).

    I can't remember now, the reason the movie didn't go ahead, but recently it was reported that Pompeii will be made into a mini series. I can still Orlando in the role even though it's going to be for the small screen not the big screen.

  2. I know, I bytch about the man but the minute he's looking attractive on a movie poster I'm hopping up and down again in excitement.... suffice to say I wouldn't mind that doctor operating LOL

    3 musketeers: there are 3 villans as i recall, the cardinal, the female temptress and the Duke of Buckingham or am i getting confused.com.. excellent, an excuse to watch the old version with Ollie Reed in :)

    I'd love to see Pompeii made into a movie or a mini series, I'm in two minds over OB in the lead role though.... Marcus Attilius is very thoughtful as a character so that would fit OB.... hmm maybe that would work??

    I hope he considers it even if it isn't on the big screen.....

  3. I like the poster. I do hope that one of the movies he has done in the last 15 months gets released soon.

  4. um, have we looked at the supporting cast in this film? i'm scared, quite frankly.