Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lights... Camera.... action

Aren't we lucky, we get a "take two" scenario of the happy couple (and don't they look ecstatic in these - if only i look this happy with my twu lurve). I think its a good move - those first ones were blimming awful and Orlando is a perfectionist acting wise as I understand it, its only to be expected that he'd seek to have another go at these

Now some would say that of course its fairly obvious why the pap fest has been called in Paris at this particular time -
those cruel and fatnjellus people would claim that as the Panty Mantis was noticeable only by her absence at the MET do in New York, it stands to reason that some serious distraction was in order to deflect attention from her lack of invite... and of course the cruelest amongst them could point out his lack of bother about her recent birthday (dust cloud or no dust cloud, that was one hell of a lot of luggage or a brief sojourn....)

But not me! I'm a nice fat'n'jellus girl...I'm sure she was working in Paris... no really .... (after all she was probably the only sooopa model left in paris after the rest of them had jetted off to the Met gala...) sorry, that just slipped out

And I get my rewards for being so understanding! With, no doubt, EVEN more pap sessions in various European capitals.... dressing like hobo's, proving the love and living the life...

Three cheers for blimmin awful set ups and their second takes!!

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