Thursday, 27 May 2010

Orlando and the Half Blood Prince

Orlando was presenting at the NMA in London last night - Here he is on the red carpet looking rather sultry!

I saw a kind of irony in the fact he was giving an award to some of the cast from Harry Potter, I can remember OB responding to a question on LOTR v Harry Potter back in days and making some joke about who took who in the success stakes. For me if you put LOTR in comparison with pretty much any other movie, LOTR wins hands down. But whether its just because there are more movies being made or the immense popularity of JK Rowlings books, Daniel Radcliffe is still up there receiving awards for his work, OB only seems to be there to present them...

On thing that did strike me in the you tube clip is that OB is looking very grown up for once, though that may be because he's on a stage with someone that is for ever going to be stuck as the kid with the specs and the scar, however much he gets his bits out on stage (Sorry Daniel.... )

Let hope next year see's some of Orlando's movies in Cinemas and being acclaimed!

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