Friday, 7 May 2010

Well hung?

you'll forgive me for heading off reservation a bit for a moment (no, not about the only bit of Orlando we have yet to see photographically) to touch briefly on the UK elections.

For those of you not aware, we were all voting yesterday to decide who would govern the UK next, and the result looks as if it is hung.... but is it well hung?

I guess its all down to what they all do now in terms of who will work with who, how much and on what... one things for sure though - it will be interesting to us Brits in the days in the ahead..

Moving back on reservation - isn't it funny how OB didn't get involved in the UK elections at all... to be fair to him, there is a lot less celebrity thrust over here but never the less celebs have been getting involved with various party campaigns.... seeing as OB was up there publicly supporting Obama, I'd expected him to be more involved in ones that actually effect him..

Well, actually I'm not surprised at all - the nice side of me would say that he didn't want his personal political views known general (which is totally fair enough and I'd agree with him)

The nasty side of me would say that there just wasn't enough of a PR opportunity for him to make it worth his hardly would of taken much effort on his part - he could have probably used the same T-shirt too....


  1. Well, he has been told that he "used to be British", so I am no so shocked.

  2. It's unfortunate that as a British citizen he gladly jumped on the Obama bandwagon. Although it was for PR, it's still perplexing why any non-American would actively help the campaign of another country. With that said, even though it's not glamourous to publicly support a British candidate for Prime Minister, it is still a position that welds a great deal of political power and influence in the world and it's too bad that Hollywoodize British celebrities don't show the same level of compassion and support for their British politicians.

    my two damn cents.

    keep up the great work Lucinda!

  3. @ L - I think that about sums him up - I love that film BTW

    @ Simone *waves* i was confused at the time about OB, assuming there was any reality to his statements on what he thought was important - and in fact he was encouraging people to vote - something he could usefully done over here too!

    The trouble with Brit politics is it isn't produced like a show - we took a step forward this year with the televised debates but its only a step - and actually (with no offence intended) i'm not sure i'd want to see our General elections go down the same route the presidential ones do in the US, it doesn't seem very "us" somehow...

    thanks for the feedback on the blog :) its ticking over.... though the subject matter is sometimes a bit thin on the ground...

  4. Interesting. I was kinda put off when he campaigned for Obama. The idea that I might vote for someone just because a movie idol supports him is pretty insulting, especially when said movie idol is not even from this country. And he didn't do the same in his own country? Hmmm. Wonder what his immigration status is here.

  5. Okay you are talking about the Bristish election...I saw the words "well hung" and a hot photo of Orlando and thought something else.

  6. @ wanda - actually i think the whole idea that a celebrity is going to influence any political decision i make a bit insulting also, but i suspect there are plenty out there that would make just that call.... there was a small advert for labour that featured a lot of celebs voting... but not much else....

    @Ducati - sorry - deliberately misleading I'm afraid - i have a filthy mind lol