Monday, 24 May 2010

Bad Ass Orlando: Finally!!

Whoop whoop! Orlando has "officially" signed on to be the bad guy in this movie according to here (among other sources out there).

I'm well excited about this one, back to tights / boots and riding around but with the added bonus that he won't be sickly sweet and righteous! Yippeee!

Bad Ass Orlando is something I've been wanting to see on screen for a while, though of course whether it makes it onto screen is another point, c'mon OB, make this the one that gets through without a years delay and counting...

He's also due back in London apparently for the National Movie Awards on wednesday - always nice to have him back home.... and with a bit of luck that volcano will kick off again and keep him mantis free again for a bit!

So, to summarise both posts today

Orlando = new movie opportunity and trip to London
Panty Mantis = no movie opportunity, instead she's hocking bad advice to who ever will listen, modelling cheap underwear and getting her baps out - (yes that was particularly nasty, I'm stuck in an office again looking at the sunshine :()


  1. Isn't he a bad guy in The Good Doctor?

  2. you could have a point there wanda, but i can't imagine the good doctor getting too much of a general release!