Monday, 3 May 2010

Attention: Normal Service Resumes....

Damn... Orlando is in a bad way in these shots, it appears his ruse to avoid the panty mantis by milking the volcano has failed... and he's in a bad way!

Admittedly he looks a bit like a hobo, but thats no excuse for cruelty. Not only has she has probably locked his cousin and his dog away in a dark dungeon somewhere (never to see the light of day again I'll bet) but she has been photographed looking as if she is torturing poor Orlando. Look at the way she is holding his head, the agony on his face, my heart goes out to him.

I'm sorry the above photo may be painful to watch to some of the more squeamish amongst you, but its important that you are aware of the serious harm that can be inflicted by all breeds of panty mantis (though admittedly the australian variety is particularly dangerous)

I shall shortly be posting a link so that we can all sign the "free Orlando" petition in the hope of getting the British government (whoever they may be at the time) to put pressure on an international scale for the release of Orlando from such inhumane conditions.....

(Ok obviously this is not torture in the old skool sense of the word, though i still reckon one could argue for mental torture....poor b*stard - everytime he gets some time away from his pap mates, he is made to pay the minute are ageing mantis is back in town - one might almost think it was a publicity stunt...)

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