Sunday, 9 May 2010

Alls well that ends well.

The Panty Mantis smiled happily as she contemplated the success of her cunning plan.

"Orlandoe" she said "aarnt yew pleezed yew saved ur coszin and ur dowg? And looke owr freindz the paps aar happie too! nowe just give meee ur balls back so eye can store them wear theye belong."

Orlando sighed deeply and thought: here we go again, not only does this puffy nightmare on sticks have my balls, but she also now knows that British air space is open, I wonder what it takes to make that volcano errupt again? Still, at least i managed to get a little something from Dior for Viggo!


  1. Aren't the British airways close again cause of some ash cloud or something from the volcano?

    You speak good Dingoese Luci.

  2. only in scotland and ireland mystic, orli has plenty of chance to go go state side to meet up with his new fiancee, i bet he's thrilled...