Monday, 17 May 2010

A Quiet couple of days

I've got very little to add on the Panty Mantis' recent PR blow out - other than she's back being Orlando Blooms Girlfriend - glad to see Mr. Kerr didn't last long!!!!

There really isn't much to post on regarding Orlando (though that gospel of truth had him in San Diego - apparently the tweeter was rather suprised to see the Panty mantis with her clothes on, I know just how she feels....)

One bit of news though: apparently the three Musketeers is apparently going to be produced in 3D (isn't everything these days....). I haven't ever seen a 3D film (i've always thought a new gimick...) but 3D Orlando has gotta be worth checking out...

Maybe OB is preparing for the Jerry B Fest in a week or so's time...


  1. I saw Alice In Wonderland in 3D, definitely a treat, but I wouldn't watch a movie just for that *cough* *avatar* *cough*.

  2. I would love to see Alice, I'm not that sold on the idea of Avatar TBH...

    3D orlando though..... That i'm sure i'd be persuaded with lol

  3. apparently the tweeter was rather suprised to see the Panty mantis with her clothes on

    Frankly, I'm surprised she recognised her.

    Perhaps, although she was clothed, she had her legs up in the air? That's always a dead give away.

    I must be the only person in the Southern Hemisphere who hasn't seen Avatar.

    However, I might be persuaded to don a pair of daggy cardboard glasses for Orlando in 3D.

  4. nah, I haven't seen it yet either Joders.... all though i came dangerously close at the weekend, but we ran out of time!

    Ah yes, either the legs in the air or maybe she stuck her ass out, another sure sign..

    or perhaps it was her accent; Oye Orlandoe, do yew still fink eye'm seksy even whin eye'm dreszed?