Friday, 28 May 2010

Looking Forward

I thought it a good time to take a look forward to the next year for Orlando. Seeing him on the Red Carpet again with lots of people yelling at him reminded me of the good old days. It was also rather interesting proof that his "keeping out there' campaign by hauling his Panty Mantis round the world obviously has worked on some levels, the reception he got out on the carpet and in the Royal Festival Hall demonstrated people still knew who he is!!

So, in the next year he's apparently filming Albert Nobbs and the Three Musketeers. For once, I think both of these may have more than a snowballs chance in hell of getting released, particularly the last one. For anyone putting money on a movie there is a strong cast and as far as OB goes, he is in a role which he has proven ability at box office wise, Albert Nobbs I'm less sure about in terms of will it be released (though of course having Glenn Close in it is a big brucie bonus).

All ribbing of Orlando aside, it would be nice to see him making some kind of comeback, putting down less worthy distractions and getting back to being on the silver screen..

Its also nice to see him back in the UK again, he always seems to have
more gravitas and dignity on home ground (unlike someone else I could
mention, who seems to have even less dignity when she returns to Oz than
usual.. that really is an achievement).


  1. The Three Musketeers got a release date of April 2011.

    He looked so good at the award show.

  2. April 2011? Bloody hell! That's quick! Not that I'm complaining :D

    Hopefully The Good Doctor will be out by years end and then The Three Musketeers and Albert Nobbs next year. I've kind of given up on Sympathy for Delicious and Main Street.

    I think he seems happiest when he's home in the UK.

    When I started getting google alerts to say he was back in England there was also a news alert on yahoo saying it looked like the 2nd volcano in Iceland was going to erupt. I couldn't help but hope it would ground the airlines again and he'd be in the UK for longer.

  3. that is fast... i don't have so much faith in the Good doctor being released widely (though I hope i'm wrong!) - totally with you on SFD and Main Street if things were going to happen they'd be a date in the diary.

    fingers crossed that Volcanoe strikes again for him, he does seem to have more bounce in the UK

  4. Guess he needs all that hair for the 3M's movie. Geez, I have tried to get interested in his career again and I seem to be stuck in neutral. Damn/