Saturday, 8 May 2010

Courtroom Drama?

Orlando sadly hasn't just signed up to take a starring role in Perry Mason: the younger, thinner and better looking version!

According to numerous sources on the net this morning, Orli is due to testify next week against the gang that robbed him along with La Lohan and other hollywooders.

I started off by feeling a little conflicted by this: One the one hand Orlando in a courtroom is kind of hot (see above) - my imagination has obviously got carried away in a wild flight of fancy and imagined that he may turn up having had a shave and being in something other than THAT green t-shirt. In fact looking like he did for Extras... nice!

On the other hand, hot or not, I can't help wondering what evidence is he planning to give! He wasn't there at the time of the robbery, he was busy in New York attending to his pet panty mantis, is he going to give them a list of whats been nicked? If he already knew the robbers, I guess he could say that - but I still cant see why the courtroom would need to hear that from him personally, I'm sure he's given copious witness statements already plus none of the other celebs seem to be appearing courtroom side.

Then the penny dropped...(and you'll forgive me for being a bit slow, it was rather a late night last night) Of course, the publicity!

Orlando has been appearing on google alerts for two main reasons recently: His misguided attempts to play nicely with his panty mantis in various capital cities of the world and the fact his house and his watch collected were robbed.

Considering we've just had rumour 157 about our happy couple getting engaged, he's obviously worked out how to capitalise on the first one. This witness appearance is obviously his idea for capitalising on the second..

I say "Go Orlando" - this courtroom thing is infinitely preferable to dragging yourself round Paris in front of a team of photographers looking like you having a public breakdown all in the name of 'twu luuuuurve"


  1. There is another engagement rumor? Geez he went to Paris to play nice and she still bust out with another one. Girl is dumb.

    I have to say that he is probably gonna testify for sympathy. Not so much about getting things stolen but having people invade your property and the place you feel most safe. Like you said he probably did give enough statements to the police and the girls were caught.

  2. nah mystic, i'm just pre-empting lol...

    i think I'm right in thinking this trial will be televised (isn't it part of some reality tv or something - correct me if i'm wrong...)

    If so that makes it sound a lot like PR. He did seem to have his head screwed on with his comments when he returned back to his house after it happened (it was something along the lines of there are other things going on in the world) but it must be nasty having someone digging around in your home uninvited....

    Of course he may of been called by either prosecution or defense, a poster on another site was saying that you'd usually be called (ie not something you can elect to do or not) but the fact that its televised makes me think a deal has been done..

    either way, the whole thing is likely to be overshadowed by the RPatz and KStew "announcement" via oprah! All this celeb dating is a little too convenient PR wise for my money!!

  3. As a brief update, he didn't appear in the end - apparently a plea was submitted so there was no need... shame! I was looking forward to seeing Orlando on the stand.....