Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I must be slow on the uptake - is this guy hot or what .... Reminds me of a younger OB in fact... I'm seriously considering another blogspot that focuses on his overall hawtnesss... mind you, I doubt he manages to get up to Orlando's level of antics and he certainly isn't dating the Panty Mantis.... yet

Orlando, this is what you did to yourself...... you went from this pre-mantis:

to this post mantis:

Now admittedly there is a limit to what a Panty Mantis can do to a guy that is that good looking, but no-wonder he's trying to hide his phace in the last photo... on someone that genetically blessed, that photo is the equivalent of jaba the hut on the average person....


  1. The dingho has sucked all his pretty out :(

    Bin Bons (as Ben Barnes is known)has a pretty crazy fan base too.

    Strangely enough, although I like Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian and Dorian Gray, Ben Barnes the person doesn't do much for me.

  2. she has done that Joders.... and I'm not happy about it - blimmin Mantis needs to hand back pretty orlando..

    ah what a suprise - pretty young actor and crazy fanbase in the same sentence! seems to be the way of things! Not heard Bin Bons either...
    I saw him as Dorian - for me cute but nothing like the above...

    I'm almost tempted to switch allegiance lol, mind you - Orlando and I go waaaaay back now, t'would be a bit of waste LMAO

  3. Nice ass in Dorian Gray, Barnesy!

    Post-dingho Whorelando makes me wanna cry.

  4. Oh my, Orly looks like he aged 20 years in that post dingho picture.

    Bin Bons is hot in that pic

  5. Has anyone seen my hanky? I must cry.

  6. its depressing..... seriously depressing.....

  7. Uh isn't the last pic from when OB filmed SfD? Its not really "fair" to use a pic of him from everyday life to that of when he is character as a rockstar.

    Also I only found Ben Barnes hot for like 5 mins. He seems pretty boring.

  8. i know mystic.... even hairy its hard for me to find a truly bad picture of OB...... but his rockstar look classed as that :)

  9. I'd chillax at your ben barnes blog.