Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Whats Wild and Hot?

Orlando with big hair! - Apparently back in London and apparently filming (though i don't know what he's filming...... none of his recent new projects should have started yet...)

Looks like he has a new haircut and beard trim though - much better! Plus the Jacket is kinda nice - though he must be a bit on the warm side, the temperature might of dropped from yesterday but its hardly coat weather!!

ETA: I was trying to work out how the Gossip Girls had got photos of him... but then it all became clear - Jared is evidently back on the payroll, just a bit slow at uploading! Rumour has it he's doing more Me & City ads (that would explain the new outfit!)


  1. Well I am glad he shave one beard, how about the other more annoying one OB?

  2. oh if only Mystic, if only...