Saturday, 22 May 2010

Genetically Blessed?

Ah Look! Its our genetically blessed couple privately going about their business.

Don't they look happy? And doesn't the Panty Mantis look genetically blessed indeed? I sure wish I looked like that. Still, its nice to see her brandishing a pot of salad dressing for lunch - maybe thats her 20% treat for the day?

The Panty Mantis has had a field day giving advice all over the place in preparation for her trip to Oz, sadly its not been very well received - most people seem to think she's spouting rose tinted shyte.....

They must all be fat'n'jellus - even the blokes!


  1. She looks so sour, she must already have partaken in her salad dressing. Balsamic vinegar, probably.

    She looks so ordinary. Must be great to be the moast fameHOus and gawguss supamoddull in orl the whirld.

    And I'm fat, jellus and hateful.

  2. I know ... in this lot her phace is about as wide as she is tall..... lol