Monday, 31 May 2010

Happy Bankholiday!

Its Monday and 90% of the UK have the day off, and from what I gather from friends in America they all have the day off too - so HAPPY BANKHOLIDAY / MEMORIAL DAY! :D

As per usual when Orlando is in the UK it goes very quiet, I'm glad that he seems to feel the UK is not a place for pimping! Long may that continue

In the meantime we've also had a bit more of an update about Albert Nobbs. I hadn't realised that this book / movie dealt with the issues of transgender / transexulism (sorry without reading the book I'm not sure which). Both are an interesting topic and one that society at large is only just coming to terms with and I can imagine its going to make for rather an interesting Movie.

OB's character sounds right up his street too - handyman/gardner with a pension for the ladies, LOL thats a role he's played a few times before on and off set I'm sure!

Moving on - The Katz lecture in New York is scheduled for the 4th of June too, Its being billed as 'Orlando Bloom opening up about his dyslexia", it will be interesting if he actually does. Something I learn't recently is that alot of dyslexics also can be dyspraxic (ie appearing clumsy, not quite in control of all their limbs) - I reckon I can actually see that on OB, the way he moves etc..... maybe it explains the amount of accidents he seems to have too, if that is the case then doing the gym / yoga etc will really help - it gives you much better control on your movements and a better awareness of your body!


  1. Actually I think that OB is in NYC and the dyslexia thing is on the 2nd.

  2. yep, you're right Mystic - too much haste on my part, lets hope we hear something about it today!

  3. Hopeful he will head back to the UK for soccer aid.