Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New York, New York!

No, this isn't photographic evidence of Orlando finally breaking down after he realised the second Icelandic Volcano didn't go off in time to save him from a Mantis session. Neither is it him reacting to the news that the PM had invested in a state of the art electric prong to keep him from getting away again - its Orlando at Sundance pissing about - cute!

Anyway, Mystic was totally right, Orlando is in New York - according to the gospel of all things true Twitter he was at the MOMO viewing a piece of Performance art (there was also some strange sighting of Orlando staring and nude people, you can't honestly blame him getting an eyeful while he can, I can imagine the Panty Mantis is hard to spot without clothes on...)

The Panty Mantis was also there, described as "Orlando's clingy girlfriend" in one report, (that made me laugh) and all of them reported how shockingly skinny she was. Looking at them together you can imagine the convo...

"Oye Orlandoe duz mye bumm looke bigge iyn this"

Ok Ok, I'm just being unkind and unrealistic, she's probably just saying

"Yew gette awaiy frome mee agian Orlandoe and eye will kille yew"

Also nice to see what her figure does in terms of inspiring the average person on the street, particularly given Treashure Urself is due out soon. One twitterer decided she was only going to have a slimmer shake and some fat free yogurt all day after running into the Panty Mantis - what a great healthy living role model she is!


  1. You can't see his face in any of the pics but I get the vibe he didn't want her to touch him. Ha PM being clingy. Not hard to believe. Also what the hell is she wearing? Its like something from the 1950s.

    Oh and its MOMA- Museum of Modern Art.

  2. Someone both very wise and very funny said she looked like she was part of a polygamist family... maybe she is!