Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Advice page

oh dear oh dear...... now I know that the panty mantis has been really beefing up her Clare Rayner prowess with the latest advice columns all over the place: e.g how a man should chat up a girl, how to look seksy, how to eat, how to be an emaciated stupormodel.. oops no, scrub that one

It seems she needs a bit of advice, according to here she seems to think the bestest way to spend time with the boyfriend you hardly ever get to see is to drag him round Shoe Stores all day - poor bastard..

Does she not realise that its never a good idea to take a man on a shopping trip that lasts more than 40 mins and doesn't have a pub at the end of it after this point. Boys get very very bored in women's stores generally but I've found have a particular aversion to shoe shops.... maybe its something to do with the fact you have to wait around for an assistant to help you with your size, or that as far as they are concerned you only have one pair of feet so why do you need more than a couple of pairs of shoes? Whatever the logic, its an obvious no no.

So consjavascript:void(0)idering anything over 40 mins is inadvisable, what do you class an all day adventure punctuated only by coffee (and probably noni juice)?

I know what I'd call it - A sure fire way of pissing a guy off....! The panty mantis' presence on its own seems to be good at doing that anyway, she doesn't need to resort to such tactics...

Orlando - you have my sympathy, its bad enough that you have to spend time with a Panty Mantis anyway, but a Panty Mantis AND an all day shopping trip, you were right to speak up - whatever the consequences....


  1. Orlando's rep have denied this happen.

    My poor Orli. I just want to take him home with me, cuddle him and reassure that everything will be alright. Then sometimes I want to give him a good smack.

  2. Obvious a no no, one do not take your boyfriend or hubby shoe shopping, you drop them off at sporting goods and when you are done go back for them. I can not see OB reps commenting on such a lame story.