Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No Shit Sherlock!

from Contact Music:

"A representative for Kerr tells People.com, "The entire Kerr family is thrilled with the news. It is a very exciting time for both of them.""



Hang on, let me just pick myself back up off the floor.....

.....I'm positively overcome with amazement at this latest revelation, I'm sure No-one would of guessed that reaction from the Kerrs

I shall wait with eager expectation to see what the reaction is from Family Bloom....


  1. They both deserve each other so I don't know whether to offer my congratulations, or laugh.

    Let's see how this plays out. I'm sure they will go all the way, can't let the entire thrilled Kerr clan down. ;)

  2. Oh i think offer your congratulations Simone, after all the entertainment they will be providing has gotta be worth that at the very least......

    I hope they go all the way, if he backs out after the big launch of last night, I can imagine the 'thrilled' Kerr clan could get a bit nasty :D

  3. Isn't that nice, Granny Kerr has had the press over to express her excitement too....

    Still no word from the Blooms though? you would of thought they'd be right on it......

  4. Wonder if his family will show up for the wedding?

  5. I wonder if he'll show up for the wedding.

  6. PMSL - well that would be one way to create a buzz....

    to quote a friend "a shot gunnedah wedding"