Saturday, 26 June 2010

A practical Guide to Weddings: Part 4 - the Hen Do

To be honest, I didn't think there would be much of a rush on this one, but with Panty mantis and mommy mantis unsubtly looking for churches and flashing jewellery I have a feeling this is more high priority than I thought.

I've been thinking long and hard about what options I can offer the Panty Mantis for her hen do. As luck would have it, just as our happy couple made their announcement, Viktoria Sekrits unveiled their new batchelorette range - and guess who was modelling a pair of "bride" pants looking at a ring.... what a coincidence! The timing of this is uncanny! But it does solve our problem of what the Panty Mantis to be should be wearing for her Hen do!

Everything else about the Hen do is a bit harder to suggest. I'm afraid I havent come up with a list of suggestions like I did with Orlando, but I do have one recommendation!

She could have a Whora party! No, trust me - it works on many levels....

1) She can pimp her over priced face care range to everyone she's invited
2) If she can treashure Urself out in times, she can give signed copies to everyone there as party favours
3) She can offer her guests copious goji berries uninterrupted
4) She can drink lots of Rioja without breaking her "girl next door" image
5) She can table dance the night away without embarassing pictures being posted on twitter
6) Of course given this probably wouldnt be in a public bar, she would need to make sure her photog friends were there to comment on how stunning and genetically blessed she is..

Wanda - given I'm lining you up to be a bridesmaid, and they tend to organise the hen do - is the above ok with you? Short of going out clubbing nekkid, I can't think of anything else she'd enjoy more than flogging her shit and being the centre of attention!


  1. That is a weird phucking looking nose...

  2. I like the new background Luci. You should keep it.

  3. Its a Weird phace as well L lol

    thanks Mystic - I got a bit sick of looking at pink!