Sunday, 6 June 2010

Back in the UK?

For someone interested in all things Green, Orlando doesn't half jet around a lot! apparently Twitter has him back home in the UK after his lightening visit to the US. It must cost him a packet paying off his Carbon debt!

Still, its nice to have him back home. Lots of sites / articles have picked up on his dyslexia talk positively (though the one that seems to attribute his career success to date to the Panty Mantis needs help.... They seem to have conveniently forgotten that OB's career was going a lot better BEFORE he met her ....).

As he's back in the uk Its going to go very quiet again I imagine....

In the meantime, to keep us entertained, a small ditty..

There once was a Mantis from Australia
Whose Ass, some said, smelt like a Dahlia
she charged a fiver a smell, which went fairly well
But the Tenner a lick was a failure!

(not perfect, but I'm sure there will be more :D)


  1. Hahahaa! OMG, that limerick is hilarious and gross all at the same time!

    As for OrlyB, I hope he's in the UK again. And I hope he stays there until he's finished filming Albert Nobbs and The Three Musketeers.

  2. I do hope he is back in the UK.

    Also I just saw the pics of PM at LAX and did anyone notice that she has ring on a certain finger on her right hand?

  3. Oh i do hope so... I can dust off Procedures for a visit home again in celebration of engagement rumour 203!!