Saturday, 19 June 2010

Is that a bit hot?

Orlando is back in LA and was pictured yesterday having lunch with some of his mates, it looks as if whatever it was that he was chowing down on it had chili sauce on it from the above! -

Anyway - sounds like OB is following the good old english preparation to watch a football match:
i.e: Get your mates together and eat the kind of food that is going to make you blow when combined with Beer, so you can all cheerfully sit there breaking wind together in support of England!

The only thing confusing me is he's sitting there with a pelegrino water... considering both the USA and England were playing yesterday - any proper bloke worth his salt would of had made himself comfy with a couple of beers to warm things up, but I guess OB is in LA, and thats not what you do in LA !

The Panty Mantis happily isn't in LA (So OB got that bit right - send your guurlfriend as far away as possible before the world cup to minimise interruptions!). But her long awaited arrival in Australian vogue is here - I'll leave Joders to cover that one - but suffice to say its not the cover and ten page spread we were all eagerly anticipating.....


  1. Ahhh, the look of some poor bastard about to announce his engagement to a crazy loon. He's literally sick with excitement, right?

  2. OMG you are spot on Joders... why didn't I see that before... he's throwing up into his hanky with nerves (still doesnt explain the lack of Booze though)