Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Bicycle Boy!

Funny, I'd always thought OB more of Motor Bike man, but it appears he thinks pedal power is a good way to get round oxfordshire pubs!

A lucky fan of his ran into him at a bike shop near Henley buying a couple of bikes for him and a friend.

bless her - she'd named her kid Orlando after him..... Her partner must be a very understanding man..... I'm not sure thats something I would have said to OB if I were her but anyway...

One thing about it, whether or not the unnamed onlooker (who was so keen to keep his/her identity quiet) was correct in reporting that one of the bikes was a girls one, we can all rest assured that its unlikely to be for the Panty Mantis.

For one, Orlando seems to be both extremely keen and extremely good at keeping her out of the UK (thank god) and I also don't think Mantis' are any good at cycling, too many pincers, far too thin and far too weedy!


  1. I thought this was a cute story.

    And I definitely don't think the girl's bike is for the PM. Her skinny little stick (insect) legs can barely even support her emaciated body let alone trying to pedal around the countryside on a pushbike.

    Funny the unnamed onlooker wanted to protect his/her own identity but was only too happy to tell everyone that Orlando had purchased two bikes, one mans and one ladies, AND how much he'd paid for them!

  2. that IS funny joders, I guess people draw the line about privacy in different places....

  3. Very cute story. A little help with translation, when he said, he wanted them for pub bikes, what is that exactly.

  4. bikes you can move from pub to pub on without having to call a taxi or being done for drink driving, though I'm not sure what the law is like on being drunk in charge of a bike lol

  5. These couple (MK and OB) are so ridiculous sometimes...

  6. I think I'd go further anomers, I'd say as a couple they are ridiculous most of the time... :)