Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Blushing Bridegroom..

Our blushing bridegroom seems to be keeping an extremely low profile at the moment, its almost like he's embarrassed and whats the whole sorry mess to go away. Personally I couldn't agree with him more...

Just a reference point, the above picture is what Orlando looks like when he's ecstatic....

In this Video he is trying to ignore questions about his forthcoming nuptials at an airport, obviously after such a happy event he must be ecstatic this video too... it must just be a very very very different kind of ecstatic!

The Panty Mantis on the other hand has decided to start communicating with the world via her ass.

First we had her with her bride pants on... now she's decided to tell us what is actually important for her about her engagement:

Its a shame she didn't think to publicise this to Orlando when the photos were actually taken, it might of put him off..


  1. Oh where oh where is Orlando?

    Oh and Luci? Ted put up another question/answer about OB and PM.

  2. can you post it??

    (and no idea, obviously hiding somewhere ...)

  3. Sure:

    Dear Ted:
    Is Miranda Kerr pregnant? I know she's dating Orlando Bloom and that they got engaged (nothing weird), but it seems they are now looking for churches and are in a huge rush!
    Dear Baby Bump:
    You're saying a couple can't just be racing for the altar because they're so totally in love?

  4. LMAO good old Ted C - whipping up the sarcasm there then I see

    time will tell whether there will be a Baby Bloom -

    god help it with a Mantis mother, poor kid - it will be confused about what species its its mom is apart from anything else..

    WOw, its a mixed bag - on the one hand if that is the case, Orlando will of effectively tied himself to a mantis for the rest of his life....But daddy Orlando would be cute - and I reckon he'd make a good dad!!

  5. I want to see Daddy!Orlando but not with a child that has 50% Mantis genes. I wouldn't like a child to be inflicted with that kind of thing.

  6. how very true Mystic - in fact ANYONE else would be better..... well, maybe not Jabba the hut, but you catch my drift!

  7. What s!ut would wanna be seen in those panties? I bet it's supposed to be funny but it just encourages a negative stereotype. Why not just tatto "gold digger" across her phace, would improve her looks drastically. BTW I am shocked by the level of honesty by She Who Lies All The Time here.

  8. lol yes you can imagine what she's saying: "look at meeeee, i'm lyving the lyfe, who cares about Orlando nowe"