Monday, 21 June 2010

Bored, bored, BORED....

unless of course you call the Panty Mantis' latest witterings about her healthy and glamarus lyfe interesting.....


Don't worry, I couldn't muster enough interest to be bytchy either, its not like we haven't heard it all before 10 million times..

I couldn't even manage to get the inclination to dissect her latest VS publicity stunt, even though she was looking as daft as ever and as unpopular as ever with her fellow VS models....

so, to pass the time - Pretty Orlando...... again - Something I seem to be very resilient at not being bored with :D


  1. Just cause I am also bored...what did VS publicity stunt did PM do?

  2. LOL she was posing with Candice and Ale for some new fragrance called Bombshell - one of the piccies I saw had her standing next to a sign saying "bombshell in training" - that made me laugh!

    I also keep getting blimmin OB google alerts about her and her eco friendly, goji fueled plans for children in some back paddock somewhere. THe mood I'm in, I wish she'd take her goji and her noni and shove it up her nonixistant ass.... (sorry :D)

  3. Well that pic ought to keep me from staying bored, for a few minutes anyway.

    Excuse me....

  4. LOL thanks Luci. I have to say Orlando gives some pretty good 'Bitch Please' faces, like in the pic you used here.