Monday, 14 June 2010

Drugs n Sex n Rock and Roll..

Wow! Orlando either has developed the ability to teleport or there are confused messages coming out about what he's up to. One tweeter had him having expensive hookers in his hotel room (probably not true, given the source but you will excuse the post title, it kind of went!) .....

All in all it looks as if he's in LA at a work gig for David Jones.... errrr I mean at his "girlfriends" work gig for David Jones - I wonder if we are going to be treated to a his'n'hers photoshoot a la Beckham, that would be truly amusing..

In other news, photos surface of the Panty Mantis is caught responding to a casual bystander who has commented she looks a bit bloated. Look at her face you can see the intense concentration as she tries to make herself understood:

"whot do yew meane? eye looke beeutiful. Eye'm high on lyving the lyfe!.... Wots that yew arre saying? Puffee?? Oh! Eye'm just a bitte puffee from the ummmm ayre, yesss thatz it, the LA ayre!


  1. He's in LA but no pics have come up. Weird. I mean especially if he was with his "twu luv".

  2. maybe they are getting some quiet time.... LMAO sorry i can't say that with a straight face!

    I so didn't pick the worst picture of her out of that set, I'm almost tempted to change it!

  3. You should change the PM pic.

    I'm guessing he went because David Jones finally decided to pay him to attend.

  4. I replied to their tweet, asking if they'd remembered to pay him.

  5. LOL I hope they respond to you, Orlando deserves a good fee for being bored out of his brains like that ... at the very least they should be providing him with Sake!

  6. At least he still has a paying

  7. PEGGY!!!!!!!

    and very true.... lets hope they paid up!