Monday, 21 June 2010

Ask and ye shall receive!

How fitting that this is my 100 post on TSO and its the one that... according to here announces that Orlando is shortly to become Mr Panty Mantis, how lovely - may I offer my sincere congratulations to the happy couple... (for the 156th time)

I do have a few concerns though...

The wedding list: I trust that the etruscan vase is still listed, i feel that a fitting gift for our fianceed duo

The exclusive on the engagement: I take it that Mr Big / JJ weren't invited to witness round 2 of the "caught" photos of the marriage proposal?? Thats a shame.... I rather enjoyed round one in paris..

The Draft plan of action for visits home: Its lucky, is it not, that shortly after another disaster with DJ's and their sleazy head honcho, just before our Panty Mantis heads home that we get another engagement story. Now admittedly this one is more "official" sounding, but I'm sure that everyone involved realised that they couldn't do yet another coy hint without being ripped to shreds. After that last one it was fairly clear to anyone paying attention that the world and HIS wife had had enough of the hinting and playing with rings...

The ring shopping: Sadly we seem to have missed out altogether on the shopping for rings rumours, that IS a shame - when OB was getting engaged to Kate there were always a few rumours out there of him in jewellery shops across the globe, I almost feel cheated!

Still, at least we can look forward to the second by second account of the preparations, the blissful happiness, the inevitable problems and subsequent break up (no, I'm not being negative and cynical, most hollywood couplings end in tears)...

All in all I'll have lots to post about.....
(though I wonder how many readers I'll have left after this stunt Orlando ....)


  1. Well it was nice being a fan of his for the last 7 years. Honestly I can't stand the thought of liking him when SHE is gonna be around permenantly. I made so many friends in the fandom and well it was good knowing you all.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more Mystic. But honestly, I'm not even mad...they deserve each other and maybe now they will stop playing to stupid coy games they do...

    I'm so over OB and his dingo.

  3. Ok I am gonna admit that I was in a state of shock when I wrote my last comment. I have taken a deep breath and settle down.

    I'm gonna stick it out for a while. Anyway engagements get broken all the time. They probably figure they need a new stunt to cause a stir.

  4. Two things to remember:

    #1 - It ain't on until he's in costume and on set.

    #2 - That'll learn you to complain about being bored...

    PS: I STILL love Orlando Bloom.

  5. PS: I'm going back to the Bored blogpost. LOVE that picture you put up.

  6. Lamentable, but OB doesn't have nothing better to do currently.

  7. Chin up slags. It ain't that serious.

  8. *Yawn* It's not that deep and neither are they. I laughed when I saw that Yahoo was trending the PM and not OB.

    I'm looking forward to see how this all plays out. It should be very entertaining!! lol

  9. A friend of mine emailed me something interesting. Some paparazzi's who was following Jack Nicholson about the engagement. He said this:

    "After saying, "That's awful," Jack added, “I warned him," but refused to elaborate."

  10. interesting Mystic, but if Orlando hasn't spotted Mantis warning signs, I doubt that Jack nicholson is going to sway him....

    @sighs - its funny but whenever i do a Bored post on here, some news comes rushing in......

    glad to see most people arent taking this too seriously, I can tell that the lead up to the wedding is gonna be a whole lotta fun!!

  11. Ok ignore my last comment. It seems when somehting like this happens, an engagement or death, they use that Jack quote.

  12. Frankly, I was over him after I heard he groped Madonna on a dance floor so this is only disappointing from him as I had still hoped he had enough sense to have higher standards for a choice of wife. The only thing left is to watch the crash and burn assuming they actually get to the alter. As someone else mentioned they deserve each other - lies and all. :)

    I'm using my son's computer so I'll have to sign this - KayC33

  13. Orlando is head to toe class sometimes KayC.......

  14. To bad the last time he came across as classy was the Oscars of 2005! - KayC33

  15. Speaking of Classy on Oscar Night, OL had this up today.

  16. tsk tsk, all that pretty in the hands of a panty mantis...... humph... I'm not sure they deserve each other looks wise.... lol

    if he gets up that aisle he is going to make a beautiful groom....