Friday, 25 June 2010

Things sure move quickly when you are young and in 'Love'

I have to hand to the Panty Mantis, she sure is moving swiftly down the path to nuptial bliss. Her Mum and her had their privacy invaded yesterday whilst looking at churches, worse still, the paps managed to get a shot of her engagement ring.

Poor girl, she obviously decided to get in their quickly, while everyone was thinking "there would be no way she'd be looking at churches on day three" and hoping to be discrete and her plans were foiled..

One thing is confusing me though, I'm sure I've heard her and Orlando talking about the strong buddhist faith - now I don't know much about buddhism but I wouldn't of thought a normal buddhist ceremony would be held in a christian church? I obviously have that wrong...

Still no sign of Orlando, maybe he's fainted with shock after having to buy the most expensive ring from Argos catalogue...

On a different tack, I've finally managed to come up with a limerick to mark this auspicious occasion:

There once was a lady whose womb
Gave birth to young chap called Bloom
But alack and alas
He engaged the wrong lass
And in so doing sealed his Doom



  1. You should copy-write that limerick! - KayC33

    By the way how do you post here without using "anonymous"?

  2. I think you may need to have a google / wordspew profile its somewhere along the bottom of the comment box....