Sunday, 28 March 2010

Where is Orli (and other things....)

Either Orlando has developed the ability to transmit himself down phone lines or there is some confusion over where he is recently. Tweets have had him in DC, LA and Covent Garden (no suprises for guessing where i'd like him to be :D)

But to me what is more interesting is where he definitely wasn't on the 26th of March. He wasn't in LA....... with our favourite panty mantis at her panty mantis party... after all those pesky shouting rumours (and joders you completely have me with your account of THAT night, seriously if anyone wants to know what really happened then just click here ) you would of thought this was the perfect opportunity for some more rainbows and flowers.

Good on him, banging a VS Mantis is one thing, turning up to a VS party is quite another (unless you are looking for a mantis upgrade i suppose) this leads inevitably to the question; after weeks of speculation, has he actually freed his balls from captivity (and i don't mean those tight trousers he was in in NYC)? I guess we will have to wait and see...

While I leave you weighing up that weighty question... lets consider our Panty mantis for a moment....
Poor old Panty Mantis, not only is she the suspected subject of Blind items that say her relationship is a contract (no, really?? oh the shock of it all!) but she seems to have lost her mirror and all respect for herself.... I mean .... what is THIS>>>>

has she got too near the Tango man again (explaining the strange shade of orange), is her hair making a bid for freedom?; has she decided Bai Ling is the last word in fashion?

One things for sure, her long anticipated book "Treasure yourself" is going to be special....very special! Imagine what reading the nutritional advice of a girl who thinks having a sandwich is an event is going to do for the nation....

Maybe its all the post flight trauma......


  1. Where is Orli (and other things....)

    Is this like Where's Wally? Will we find Orly and his balls wandering around LA or Covent Garden wearing a little beanie and a scarf? (Or beanies and scarves if he's still got 2 balls.)

    I love how he's so supportive of her. Faithfully by her side for pap set ups but nowhere to be seen at actual events.

    Her relationship is a contract? But they look so in love when they're together. Oh. Ermmm. Oh, I see.

    I think she's eaten too many carrots. That would probably account for her pleasant shade of orange.

  2. OB certainly can go POOF when he wants too. Seems he has mastered that skill anyway.

    Seems the one VS event he should have missed and didn't, was a really big mistake, say around Dec. 06. He could have avoided signing that contract and everything. Yup, that's what I think.

  3. Carrots? Yes that must account for the strange shade she is... And as for orli, there are many things that I wish he hadn't done since 2006 , but that vs party is right up there :D

  4. Btw joders, you now have me wondering whether his balls have matching beanies and scarfs , personally I hope so, it will help them to recognise each other if the are hijacked separately by pm lol :D

  5. Wasn't the VS party on the 25th?

    It does seem like he is around LA as I have seen at least 2 or 3 Twitter sightings of him there yesterday. Of oourse Twitter sightings are not the most reliable.

  6. Mystic :)
    I may well have the date wrong, but I think its funny he didn't go....obviously more important things to do :D

  7. Well he is/was in LA Saturday. Pics of him and Panty Mantis have come up.

  8. Thanks for the update , glad to see damage control is underway! Poor orli he must be deaf from all the screeching !

  9. Sorry, I just wanted to know if you could see my comment.