Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More Orca Action

I thought you'd all enjoy a bit more of OB and his blow up Orca, primarily because its nice to see Orlando looking genuinely keen on someone or something and not like he's been pulled there by his bollocks. So I thought this deserved posting, it seems Orlando likes to vary his positions!! I wonder if he's actually named it Viggo yet or whether thats his (and our!) little secret...


  1. OMG Lucinda, where in the hell are you coming up with these pics? lol

    I would say that he named it Viggo cuz this is about as close to Viggo as he is ever going to get. I wonder if there are any other objects named Viggo........

  2. what can i say...... i suffer from a dirty mind :D

    Other objects called Viggo..... are you SURE you want me to make suggestions given the above lol

  3. Name them only please, I certainly don't need the visual!!! JUST NO! (as MY mind entered the gutter there, eewwwwww).

    I can't stop laughing at the fin between the legs. Thank goodness there is no fear of injury. That can't happen when you don't have balls, right?

    The Viggo mascot is a sure fire winner!!

  4. well, there's that huge church style candle for one.... the black rubber thingy that reminds one of a rabbit.... no no - I need to stop.... i've just thought of far ruder ones than that - at this rate i'll need to put an 18 rating on this site :D

    Viggo! the mascot ROCKS

  5. I wonder how I will get this image out of my mind before I go to sleep tonight.