Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ok, so first post.... here goes

I thought I'd play it safe.... what a lovely picture :D

ok I can't make it that brief.... obviously welcome if you are reading this, it means you made the journey from TVC and the lovely Simone over to The State of Orlando! Congratulations, I (obviously) think its a very wise decision!

I think Orlando is looking particularly fine in this photo at a UNICEF creative artist event a couple of days ago. There was some discussion over whether that suit was the one from the London Pirates premier..... if it is, he's shrunk and got slimmer, I've always thought the POTC premier suit was a little ummm short on him!


  1. Wow, nice place you have here, all pink and pretty.
    Safe? Since when has that been the MO?

    Now which premier are ya talking? I didn't know this guy even existed three years ago and you can remember that he was wearing flood pants? Too funny.

    Can't say I like the shorter hair, he seemed to have lost wait, that's what happens when you loose your wisdom teeth....

  2. I've always wanted a pink space on the net, and now I have (i'm extremely girly, you should see my office lol)

    Safe.....yes you are totally right peggy not the MO at all, I was just trying to start slowly but I guess i should be starting as I mean to go on..

    The premier I was referring to was the last one to be held in london... Flood pants :D

    I can't help finding the man attractive..... by now I probably need professional help!!

  3. He was looking mighty fine before December 2006. Damn that VS after party! lol

  4. Great job Lucinda! I love the colour scheme, the layout, and the NAME! :p

    I'll put the link up at TVC when you're ready.

  5. thanks Simone :D I need to work out how to get it to email me when comments are posted.....

    the name rocks hon :D