Monday, 8 March 2010

Happy Ground Hog day!

Guess what everyone...... Orlando and Miranda are apparently engaged.... yet again.... ( I know, I know I can hear you all gasping with shock that this rumour has leaked yet again).

I'm wondering who they are expecting to care about this the 56th time round.... still I suppose I'm posting about it lol.....

According to the Australian "News Weekly" they will be tying the knot within a year, at a buddhist temple in LA/Sydney/Thailand(delete as appropriate) and Bar and Leo have already agreed to attend (even though they haven't actually set a date yet according to the article)...

Someone kill me NOW, I don't think I can handle getting yet another round of bloody google alerts about this.... Its funny how the "engagement" stories always coincide with Miranda trying to pimp herself in the fashion arena, she should watch out - once she is married, WTF is she going to use next to get in the press.....

Not for the first time, I'm channeling the poor Orli vibe :D


  1. It's like having acid reflux disease, the spew just keeps repeating and repeating....gross.

    Orli needs to get some acid reflux meds and rid himself of this disease. Just sayin'.

    Guess its time to re-think Google alerts????

  2. Yes, I've been holding off from that for a while, but it looks as if the time has finally come...

    I think wanda needs to reinstigate her gift list - there were some priceless items for purchase on there.....

    I think Orlando could do with a bucket of alka seltzer!

  3. Alka seltzer only calms the irritation. It won't get rid of it! I would think that OB could be/would like to be is disease free.


  4. Funny how this one didn't make the rounds on the blogs, huh?

  5. Actually i am surprised it didnt..... do I smell Aileen's involvement again? They haven't even managed to attract the snarky comments the elicited last time from a lot of the blogs!