Friday, 5 March 2010

What is this?

Ok, So do can you tell me what this is?

You could be forgiven for thinking that that Orlando has returned to the "out-of-the-shower" look he favoured in 2007 (in fact this is the only time the GoFugyourself girls have picked him in their blog - i guess that counts as kudos to him, to me there are many times he should of been filed under"WTF", "oh honey no....." or "Manfugs")

What it definitely isn't is a photo of Orlando at this years GG pre-oscar party, despite copious publicity to the contrary. I may be calling a spade a spade, but I think if you've said you're going to something and they've then used it to publicise the event, bar a severe bout of gastric flu or something of that order, you should be turning up....

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh! At least the lovely Bast was there - good man, he seems very serious about his beliefs :) Plus at least OB didn't turn up with his pet Praying mantis so I guess there is a silver lining to every situation !


  1. False advertising seems to follow this boy all over the place and its been happening for years!
    Bast does seem like a good guy. He appears to be genuine regarding his interests. He did show up.
    Praying mantis? How about praying the mantis goes away? Far, far away. *giggles*

  2. he does doesn't he...... you gotta like Bast for that!

    LMAO over your praying mantis joke :D

    I think we are in for another round of the worlds finest bearding/famehoing display - the praying mantis is on route to LA.....

    still, on the plus side, its been a nice long time since the last photo op!

  3. You mesn I gutta drag out the "VDB"??