Thursday, 18 March 2010

Feeling the love.....

Here we go again with yet another round of pictures of OB with PM - but even i have to admit that i can feel the love.... unfortunately for PM it (as usual) isn't with her....

Exhibit one (and i'm sorry for the close up of PM at the front!)

Orlando seems to be very pleased to hug his male friend! (though the other female looks less pleased to hug the PM)

Exhibit two

Orlando and the Praying Mantis..... well, they always say pictures say a thousand words....


  1. He looked happier with the Orca.

  2. "(though the other female looks less pleased to hug the PM)"

    Well, praying mantises aren't very cute and cuddly are they? Not like a puppy or a kitten.

    The red hot passion between Orly and the PM is scorching! You can tell just by looking at this photo of them. Soooo in love!

    BTW, does html work on blogger?