Monday, 15 March 2010

I wonder......

..... if this is how Orlando managed to get his cold sore?

Or perhaps it was another variety of canine? - what do we reckon??

One things for sure tho, if Orlando has been doing the "giving", his dingo better watch out - I'm not sure cold sores and modeling go very well together, particularly given how hard she works (!) and the fact that stress brings on an attack..... mind you, I guess she could do a cracking advertisement for Zovirax :D - you see, every cloud DOES have a silver lining !!!


  1. Me thinks it was the Canis lupis dingo variety!

    I totally see her as the poster child for Zovirax :D

  2. yes i don't think its far to land the blame on the poor doggie in the photograph...

    though Orlando is showing more love to that canine than he has to the Dingo....

    if i was better at photoshop, I'd be putting that ad together - seeing how it looks :D

  3. Not that I want to see any more PM than I have too, but really, I would get a laugh out of an ad like that.

    Where's Sidi?

  4. I think it would be v.specul!

  5. I'm all for pets but that photo has a serious "eww" value to it.

  6. hello Jaded :D
    I've never been a fan of that either !