Monday, 15 March 2010

ere we go again.....

I wonder if he's saying something along the lines of "I know mate, I'm not surprised Louis V didn't want her either - i've been doing everything i can to get rid of her since 2007 and she's still following me around" to his luggage assistant....

probably not, but wouldn't it be great if he did....

I do think its really odd that they separate and get together again during these set ups..... if they want to promote that they are travelling together why some photos where PM is on her own and then a load of photos with them in the car together??

Ah hang on, I think i can answer my own question: poor hounded couple (who arrange for the paps to snap them)

I did promise I wouldn't focus on the Praying Mantis on this blog.... and i won't, other than to say what a fabulous close up:

This is well cute though (even if the outfit needs picking up by Go Fug Yourself....


  1. St Pat's Dsy is Wednesday. Could be the reason for color in his wardrobe.

    PM is a good title for her, as every time I see her I'm praying that it is the last time. lol

  2. he does seem to co-ordinate wwith st Patrick's day, (in fact i reckon its probably the same shirt as about this time last year)

    Love it - the Praying Mantis: everytime you see her you pray its the last!!

    what a strap line :D

  3. and that was before my

  4. I just love how he's got a better rapport with the luggage guy. And that he appears to be having a more enjoyable time with a relative stranger. And that he's more animated with this bloke than I've ever seen him with the praying mantis.

    And she's all bloaty. What is wrong with her? Or maybe she looks like this all the time? Those ankle boots make her legs look stumpy.

  5. as another eminent blogger said, they make her legs look like cloven hooves.....